Jones Bros considers safety and the prevention of accidents to be an integral part of its operation. To that end we promote and enforce a safe working environment to protect life, health and safety of our employees and subcontractor personnel. Safety is everyone’s responsibility on the jobsite and can be achieved only through coordinated efforts of all employees and subcontractor personnel. If the task or service being undertaken cannot be done safely, Jones Bros empowers its employees to discon­tinue work until proper controls can be established.

Beginning with the daily pre-shift task planning, Jones Bros emphasizes safety and proper methods for each task. Reinforcing these methods through weekly training sessions (as well as specialized classes throughout the year) is the key to safe and successful projects. All employees are given the knowledge, experience, opportunity and equipment needed for safe and successful completion of tasks.

Jones Bros requires subcontractors to hold similar tailgate meetings covering their respec­tive portion of the work. These meetings are designed to discuss the projected work schedule and prepare each worker for any potential hazards associated with the work activities. Personnel are reminded of site condi­tions and are encouraged to bring to their supervisors any conditions that may be considered unsafe.​ This cooperation among the workforce facilitates the successful interaction among all the personnel on site.